Message from the PALSO President


“For 39 consecutive years, the Federation has been working to support Foreign Language School Owners, who comprise our members throughout Greece. We believe in the principles of cooperation between the Federation and all stakeholders, we defend our members’ rights and we are always committed to conducting impartial examinations with the authority of PALSO.”



 Vasilis Krontiris





The Federation is managed by the following Board of Directors:


President: ♦ Vasilis Krontiris
First Vice President and Commissioner for Italian: ♦ Themis Patsiouras
Second Vice President: ♦ Nikolaos Maras
Third Vice President: ♦ Giorgos Lavdarias
Fourth Vice President: ♦ Loukas Pagouras
General Secretary: ♦ Solon Evangelopoulos
Treasurer: ♦ Dimitris Tripkos
Palso Commissioner: ♦ Maria Kokolaki
Commissioner for German: ♦ Nikos Koutalakis
Commissioner for English: ♦ Barbara Karakitsou
Commissioner for French: ♦ Kyriaki Stamati
Commissioner for The Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE): ♦ Giorgos Hatzidakis
Press and Tech Commissioner: ♦ Christos Sotiropoulos
Commissioner for Real Estate: ♦ Michalis Charis
Head of Public Relations Office: ♦ Dimitris Kouroupis


Αuditing pursued by the 5-member Audit Committee consisting of:

♦ Athanasaki Veki
♦ Constantine Giavaras
♦ Makridis Emmanuel
♦ Lambropoulou Christina
♦ Papadimitriou Crystalia (Leda)


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