Are you a candidate?

How can I participate in the LAAS-PALSO exams?

The application deadline for candidates, which is set around two months before the exams, is announced through a circular, which is timely displayed on the Federation's website and published in our newspaper "ENIMEROSI".

For independent candidates, the exam participation applications are submitted to the country's local Palso Associations, depending on the candidate's place of residence. Candidates who study in a LS register for the exams through their LS.

The supporting documents submitted by the candidate are:

1.Individual Application Form which the candidate can download from the Federation's website or get from the Palso Association (for independent candidates)

2. A deposit slip for the exam fees. Piraeus Bank Account Nb. 5051-045781-111 for Greece. Attention: when depositing the exam fees, make sure to give the candidate's name as the depositor. There is no filing fee. With regard to the fees, the application deadlines and the test schedules, check the relevant circular.

Useful documents: ELOT Table to convert Greek alphabet to Latin characters (to translate Greek names)

After submitting his/her application, the candidate must get (10 days before the exams) from the local Palso association or LS, his/her Exam Participation Form, which includes all his/her details and Candidate Code, and the Candidate Instructions. Submitting an application to participate in exams for more than one level, during the same examination period, is the sole responsibility of the candidate as there is a possibility that the exams will take place at the same time.