What is LAAS?

After its establishment in 1981, the Federation began administering Palso proficiency tests successfully in four languages.

LAAS (Language Attainment Assessment System) is a system that assesses proficiency in a foreign language.

Laas tests are recognized by the International Certificate Conference (I.C.C.), since they meet international standards.

It is well established in our minds that Laas-Palso exams are conducted in a perfect and unimpeachable way, since our long experience ensures an excellent organisation.

The goal of the Lass-Palso exams is to assess students' knowledge of foreign languages ​​in an objective and fair manner, based on modern scientific criteria. Another goal is to reward the positive and progressive learning of a foreign language, to encourage students and to provide Language Schools with data regarding the performance of their students.

The test mark for each level is

English Grades: Pass -Merit - Excellent

Italian Grades: Bene -Molto Bene - Ottimo

French Grades: Assez Bien -Bien - Très Bien

German Grades: Gut -Sehr gut - Ausgezeichnet

and the passing mark is 50% of the total score (individual scores offset).