Online Registration

To electronically register your LS candidates, log in to the online registration system NOCN & Laas exam results by filling in your details in the form on the right..

The LS owner should also give or send the deposit slips for the exam fees to the local association. With regard to the fees, the application deadlines and the test schedules, check the relevant circular.

The Exam Participation Forms are posted on the site of the Federation about 10 days before the exams. The L.S. owners must print the Exam Participation Forms of their candidates using their unique username-password. Local Palso associations, in the same way, print the Exam Participation Forms of independent candidates and of the L.S. owners unable to do so.

Candidates should go to the exam centre with the Exam Participation Forms, which include all personal data and the candidate code, and with the  LAAS Candidate Instructions.

Submitting an application to participate in exams for more than one level, during the same examination period, is the sole responsibility of the LSO as there is a possibility that the exams will take place at the same time.