Board of Directors

The federation is managed by a 15-member board of directors consisting of the following:

President: Vasilis Krondiris
First Vice President and Commissioner for Italian: Themis Patsiouras
Second Vice President and Head of Public Relations Office: Nikolaos Maras
Third Vice President and Commissioner for Educational-Cultural Events: Dimitra Katsiki
Fourth Vice President and Head of Exam Office: Loukas Pagouras
General Secretary and Commissioner for French: Solon Evangelopoulos
Treasurer  and Commissioner for Real Estate: Dimitris Tripkos

Palso Commissioner: Varvara Tzimorota
Press and New Technology Commissioner: Christos Sotiropoulos
Commissioner for English: Katerina Babali
Commissioner for German: Nikos Koutalakis
Member: Nikoletta Tsoumani
Member: Georgios Chatzidakis
Member: Georgios Lavdarias

Member: Christos Eleftheriadis

It is also supervised by a 5-member Audit Committee which consists of the following:

Mona Amanatidou
Maria Vradeli

Konstantinos Giavaras

Dimitris Kouroupis
Emmanouil  Makridis