Mission Statement

The mission of the Federation is to preserve, study and promote the common economic, social and professional interests of all language school owners, members of its member-associations, in the context of serving the entire society.


  • To promote, preserve and consolidate the economic, insurance, syndicalistic and educational interests, and the professional and social status of language school owners, as well as the smooth and effective operation of the language school (institute), in compliance with the Constitution and the law, so as to achieve its mission and serve the objectives and interests of education in the field of foreign language teaching.
  • To systematically study the industry's problems, to propose solutions and to project and promote, by any legal means, these proposed solutions to the competent authorities and to the Ministry of Education.
  • To promote and develop trade-union consciousness, and to nurture a culture of solidarity and collaborative relations between members of the Federation and between the Federation and other similar or non professional organisations, with full respect for democratic principles and procedures and provided that the Federation will not lose its autonomy and will remain the sector's supreme trade union body.
  • To support and cover any attempt by the Federation's member-associations to promote the sector's demands, to repel any action against them from wherever its comes, and to pursue the completion of the syndicalistic organisation of all language school owners and their integration into the Federation.
  • To nurture and cultivate the intellectual interests of members, to develop cultural and educational activities, and to promote the social participation of the Federation and its members in solving the problems of the country and the Greek people. The Federation strives to defend and expand the people's freedoms and democratic conquests, to safeguard national independence and promote friendly relations and cooperation with all nations, by also organising similar events.
  • To promote by any means, develop and improve language teaching in Greece, to correctly teach languages to students, to conduct language tests on a nationwide scale in order to serve this target and safeguard the basic interests of the sector, and to provide certificates of proficiency. The Federation carries out the proficiency certification exams itself, as an independent language proficiency exam body, or in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, public authorities, universities, higher educational institutions and national and foreign examination boards, on the basis always of ensuring the validity and integrity of the exams and preventing the risk of having foreign language teaching controlled by a few in Greece or by foreigners. Besides Greece, the Federation carries out or participates in the organisation of language proficiency tests in Cyprus, the Balkans and other countries.

In order to fulfil the above objectives, the Federation:

  • Addresses public authorities, municipal authorities, trade unions, cooperatives and other national and foreign organisations, as well as the representatives of different social groups, on any matter concerning the professional interests of its members and the selection and implementation of decisions related to the common professional, economic and social interests of its members and generally the common good.
  • Organises events, develops activities and mobilizes the sector, when needed, acting always within the limits of the law.
  • Organises lectures, seminars and conferences, aimed at raising the professional and social consciousness of the sector's members, as well as educational programmes.
  • Uses all appropriate legal means to inform the public and authorities on issues and problems related to the sector.
  • Publishes books, magazines and a newspaper with an informative, syndicalistic, professional and scientific content.
  • Implements the most appropriate service and office mechanism and has established a meeting area and a library.
  • Has established a fund to provide material and moral help to its member-associations and supports them both morally and materially to help them achieve their goals.
  • Seeks to be represented on boards and committees established by the State, Organisations, Universities and local municipalities on issues relating directly or indirectly to the industry, and works and collaborates with other organisations in similar industries and with similar purposes.