Since its establishment in 1981, the Federation is administering Palso proficiency tests successfully in four languages.

LAAS (Language Attainment Assessment System) is a system that assesses proficiency in a foreign language.

Laas tests are recognized by the International Certificate Conference (I.C.C.), since they meet international standards.

Laas-Palso exams are conducted in a perfect and unimpeachable way due to our long experience which ensures excellence.

The goal of the Lass-Palso exams is to assess students’ knowledge of foreign languages ​​in an objective and fair manner, based on modern scientific criteria. We also aim to reward positive and progressive approach towards learning a foreign language, to encourage students and to provide Language Schools with data regarding the performance of their students.

Please find below the test mark for each level

English Grades: Pass -Merit – Excellent

Italian Grades: Bene -Molto Bene – Ottimo

French Grades: Assez Bien -Bien – Très Bien

German Grades: Gut -Sehr gut – Ausgezeichnet

and the passing mark is 50% of the total score (individual scores offset).

How can I participate in the LAAS-PALSO exams?

The application deadline for candidates is set around two months before the exams and is announced through a circular. Dates are timely displayed on the Federation’s website.

For independent candidates, the exam participation applications are submitted to the country’s local Palso Associations, depending on the candidate’s place of residence. Candidates who study in a LS register for the exams through their LS.

The required supporting documents:

  • 1. Individual Application Form which the candidate can download from the Federation’s website or get from the Palso Association (for independent candidates)
  • 2. A deposit slip for the exam fees.

Piraeus Bank Account Nb. 5051-045781-111 for Greece. Attention: when depositing the exam fees, make sure to give the candidate’s name as the depositor. There is no filing fee. With regard to the fees, the application deadlines and the test schedules, check the relevant circular.

Useful documents: ELOT Table to convert Greek alphabet to Latin characters (to translate Greek names)

After submitting his/her application, the candidate must get (10 days before the exams) from the local Palso association or LS, his/her Exam Participation Form, which includes all his/her details and Candidate Code, and the Candidate Instructions. Submitting an application to participate in exams for more than one level, during the same examination period, is the sole responsibility of the candidate as there is a possibility that the exams will take place at the same time.

LAAS – PALSO exams are conducted nationwide by our federation once a year (on May). The application deadline for candidates, which is set around two months before the exams, is announced through a circular, which is timely displayed on the Federation’s website.


Useful documents: ELOT Table to convert Greek alphabet to Latin characters (to translate Greek names)

After a tough year for everybody, PALSO decided to hold LAAS exams in English for those students who didn’t manage to take part in July’s exams.

The exams will be held on 24/10/2020. Final deadline for applications is set for 23/09/2020. Please, note that there will be no extension to this deadline and no late entries will be accepted. For more information, please contact your local PALSO association.

Date: 24/10/2020

Application dealine: 23/09/2020

Timetable and fees

Sunday 18/10/2020
Language Level Time Fee








30 €

45 €

50 €

55 €


Important documents (in Greek):

LAAS exams – October 2020 

Individual application form

GDPR consent form

Grading for PALSO – LAAS Exams

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